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    As a Salesforce* Crest Consulting Partner, we help clients across industries & market segments scale with speed.

Palladin is Your Communications Cloud Success Partner (CSP)

Project Experience

We've helped our clients:


Achieve a 360 view of the customer

Watch the Bottom Line

Increase MRR & marginal revenues while reducing cost-to-serve

Increase Sales

Drive sales excellence & wallet share via cross-selling and up-selling

Customer Acquisition

Improve customer targeting and acquisition efforts

Build Tools for Efficiency

Leverage geo-spatial tools to justify off-net & near-net projects and CapEx


Quickly integrate acquisition targets

What We Do

Our clients engage us to help them solve business challenges, drive process efficiencies, and, adapt & transform to a changing, disruptive landscape.

Standards Alignment

We leverage TMForum and telecom framework, standards & concepts such as FrameWorx, the eTOM, the TAM, ODA and Customer-Centricity.

We Deliver ROI, Rapid Time-to-Value (TTV)


Quickly ramp on your business process and terminology, taking care to note process details & ask questions that drive insights.


Identify relevant best practices from our prior learning and make recommendations on what/how to do things more effectively.


Convert your processes and requirements into a technical solution.


Hand off a system that is intuitive to use and understood by key constituents.


Salesforce AppExchange satisfaction rating.

60+ Years

Palladin has more than 60 years of experience across its leadership team.


We've been a Salesforce partner since 2017.

Brandon Ward


A seasoned leader, Brandon has nearly 20 years of experience with Salesforce and Cloud CRM experience on both the implementation and industry side. As CEO, Brandon leads and steers the organization.

Steve Smithwick

VP, Customer Success

Steve offers extensive experience in sales, digital transformation, strategic planning and leadership of information technology operations, with experience in commercial enterprise businesses and telecom organizations of all sizes.

Andy Saxon

VP, Service Delivery

With over 20 years in Customer Success and implementation leadership, Andy is responsible for Delivery Operations and client success.

Ana Lawless


Ana has over 25 years supporting companies of all sizes as a finance and HR professional and is a key member of the Palladin leadership team. In addition to keeping the numbers balanced, she plays an important role keeping the “Pals” happy and promoting a fun work culture for all.

Rahmos Thiao


Rahmos leads digital transformation for telecom clients of all sizes. His experience with a global telecom company and Salesforce before coming to Palladin allows him to see all sides of the transformation process, making him a favorite advocate with our clients.

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