Our Team

Our Team


Brandon Ward


A seasoned leader, Brandon has nearly 20 years of experience with Salesforce and Cloud CRM experience on both the implementation and industry side. As CEO, Brandon leads and steers the organization.

Melvin McNamara

EVP of Strategy, Innovation, and Insights

As EVP of Strategy, Innovation, and Insights at Palladin Technologies, Melvin is responsible for leading the company’s strategic planning and research activities. He brings a wealth of experience in product and sales development, marketing, and business operations, and is well-positioned to drive Palladin’s success in a rapidly evolving market.

Josephine Bernson

SVP, GM Communications Industry and Marketing

Josephine has an intuitive ability to create and lead high-impact teams and has been the driving force behind remarkable growth stories in the tech industry, powered by the fusion of strategy, people, and execution. She will devise & implement growth and marketing strategies to ensure Palladin Technologies’ continued market leadership position.

Andy Saxon

VP, Service Delivery

With over 20 years in Customer Success and Salesforce.com implementation leadership, Andy is responsible for Delivery Operations and client success.

Rahmos Thiao


Rahmos leads digital transformation for telecom clients of all sizes. His experience with a global telecom company and Salesforce before coming to Palladin allows him to see all sides of the transformation process, making him a favorite advocate with our clients.


Ana Lawless


Ana has over 25 years supporting companies of all sizes as a finance and HR professional and is a key member of the Palladin leadership team. In addition to keeping the numbers balanced, she plays an important role keeping the “Pals” happy and promoting a fun work culture for all.


Lisa Seyler

Delivery Director

A seasoned leader, Lisa has over 20 years of  experience in Delivery of Technology, with over 10 years in the Salesforce.comecosystem (delivering custom, Q2C, AppExchange and Mobile solutions).  As Delivery Director, Lisa is responsible for delivery programs and partners with clients through their Salesforce journey.

Our Team

Prem Almeida

Salesforce Developer

Susan Bruch

Solution Architect

Ian Donegan

Application Architect

Leslie Gunn

HR Specialist

Linda Jones

Solution Architect

Karen McBride

Sr. Solution Architect

Jen Pandiscio

Project Manager

Frank Loiseaux Purcell

Frank Loiseaux-Purcell

Director of Delivery Operation

Sadiq Rashid

Salesforce Consultant

Elizabeth Rasmusson

Social Media and Creative Content Specialist

Chris Ridolphi

VP - Partner Sales

Ryan Reddish

Salesforce Developer

Lacy Thomas

Strategic Account Executive

Jasmine Wilson

Salesforce Consultant