Giving Back

Giving Back

At Palladin Technologies, we believe in the power of giving back. Our commitment to making a positive impact extends beyond innovation and technology. Through strategic philanthropy and community engagement, we actively participate in initiatives that drive positive change in the communities we serve.

Palladin Technologies is proud to be a member of Pledge 1%, a global initiative committing to allocate 1% of our equity, product, profit, or employee time to meaningful charitable causes.

Here are just some of the foundations that have received donations from
Palladin Technologies’ Pledge 1% Membership


Palladin Tech contributes time and money to infrastructure groups (Telecommunications non-profits, such as and, and is aligned with the FCC's "100% Broadband" mandate for all Americans. We support and actively work to cultivate decent work and economic growth by working with the Salesforce Talent Alliance, sourcing, educating, training and developing new-to-Salesforce talent in our recruiting and retention efforts. Finally, we are committed to combatting climate change by recycling and reusing at work and home, as well as financial contributions to climate change action groups. We firmly believe that our commitments go deeper than the next sale or project. We've all learned in recent years the significant interplay between our interdependence and co-existence.

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