Powerfully Simple Contact Configuration in Salesforce

At Palladin Tech, we run our operation on Salesforce. This includes both data records, as well as tracking key information and outreach.

As a best practice, we’ve found the following Contact data to be helpful critical as we’ve doubled the size of our Company, year over year, for 5+ years running

  • Segmentation Data
    • Is the contact at the company (Account)?
    • Organizational level – what is the (standardized) level of the Contact in the organization?

  • Demographic Data
    • When did they start at the Account?
    • Where are they from?

  • Nurture Relationships via Personal (Non-Identifying) Information
    • Favorite sports teams
    • Hobbies / interests
    • Name of spouse / partner
    • Favorite beverage / type of beverage
    • Other interests

Since we run Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, these data points, coupled with rational management of Reports and Marketing Automation programs, allows our clients, and Palladin, to quickly address market needs, at scale and just in time.

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