Palladin Technologies Announces Membership in CCA

ATLANTA, April 19, 2023 / — Palladin Technologies, a leading Crest level Salesforce Partner specializing in Digital Transformations for the Telecom industry! Today, they proudly announced their official membership with the Competitive Carriers Association (CCA). Founder and CEO, Brandon Ward, expressed his enthusiasm by saying, “We are excited to join the CCA in an official capacity to further the future of the Telecom Industry. Joining the CCA will allow us to have our pulse on the issues facing our Telecom partners and help build a solution that will grow with the industry.”

Palladin Technologies’ digital transformation model is highly acclaimed in the Telecom industry. They offer a seamless journey from Learning, Buying, Using/Payment, Support, and Grow and Retain all from one platform. The results are impressive; they have helped companies reduce 123 systems to 4 systems, and user training by 60%.

Palladin Technologies is a highly respected Crest Level Salesforce Partner, Managed Services Provider approved Partner, and Salesforce MVP for FY 2023. Their growth in revenue and hiring is in double digits, and they serve all Commercial Business Industries with a dedicated Telecom Practice to serve the industry.