Salesforce Enhanced Domains

Why am I seeing this message when I log in to Salesforce?

What is My Domain? This is the unique name for your Salesforce org. You can find it in Setup under Company Settings | My Domain. My Domain showcases your company’s brand and keeps your data more secure. For example, Palladin’s My Domain is palladintech.

What is an Instance? An instance refers to the server location where your Salesforce org is hosted. For example, NA135. Salesforce may change the instance especially if you are on an older instance, for example NA5. Before My Domain, your instance was part of the URL.

Why is Salesforce enforcing Enhanced Domains? Enhanced domains meet the latest browser requirements, are easier for users to remember and don’t change when your org is moved to another Salesforce instance. Salesforce orgs created in Summer’22 or later have enhanced domains by default.

Possible Issues:

  • Users may experience issues accessing Salesforce, including Experience Cloud sites (formerly known as Communities or Portals), Salesforce Sites, and Visualforce pages.
  • Some embedded content stored in Salesforce may not appear.
  • Third-party applications can lose access to your data.
  • Single sign-on integrations may fail, including those with sandboxes or orgs using * and * domain suffixes.

Actions to take:

Enhanced Domains were enforced in sandboxes with the Winter’23 release. If you did not test any items impacted by this change, now is the time to do so before the Spring’23 Release. Important! The Spring’23 Release will be in some production orgs as early as January 14, 2023. If you believe your org could be impacted by Enhanced Domains, now is the time to test! You can find out when your instance of Salesforce will be upgraded to Spring’23 by going to (or simply replace your instance in the following:*yourinstance*/maintenances

Technical Details
Official Salesforce Documentation:


  • Salesforce is putting a redirection service in place that will ideally redirect users from the deprecated URL formats to the new ones. This will help reduce frustration during the transition, but is not 100% percent effective at addressing all use cases, and should not be taken as a substitute proper release management.
  • The following generic login pages should still work after the change even if org specific URLs change.
  • The org specific login pages will not change for production, but will for sandboxes.

Things that could go wrong:

  • Bookmarks that point to old URLs may stop working after the update, or will at very least be slower as Salesforce handles redirections. In would be best to update them.
    • This includes DNS redirect entries.
  • Applications that interact with Salesforce may need specific attention to continue working properly. For example, the Field Service mobile app and the official Salesforce Data Loader both have the option to specify org URLs.
  • Hard coded links should probably be updated. Potential locations include but are not limited to
    • Email templates
    • Formula Fields
    • Anything referencing a Visualforce component
    • Links to any assets referenced on a site.
  • Salesforce SSO may fail.
  • For Experience Cloud sites, My Domain has not been publicly visible, but will be after the update. If the applied My Domain is not suitable for such exposure, Salesforce recommends replacing it with a custom domain.

Steps to take:

  • It may be a good idea to check in Settings > My Domain to verify that the generic login pages are not disabled.
  • Communicate to your users that the generic login links should still work if there are problems. If problems are not fixed by using the generic pages, clearing the browser’s temporary internet files may help.
  • Check Setup > User Interface > Sites and Domains > Sites and Setup > Feature Settings > Digital Experiences > All Sites to check to see if Experience Cloud or Sites are enabled.
  • Prepare for an increased volume of help requests soon after the Winter ’23 release.
    • Check the date for your instance at (replace NA132 with your specific Salesforce Instance, Found in Setup > Company Settings > Company Information)
    • In the event that you need more time to address this change, it should be possible to postpone the change enforcement until Spring ’23 from Settings > My Domain.

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