How Palladin Helped Legacy Midwestern Telco Launch Communications Cloud For MDU

Our client is one of the largest privately owned digital infrastructure providers in the Midwest. Their business and enterprise services range from traditional and cloud-based voice and data products to installation and support of large networks with fully scalable managed Ethernet solutions. Their challenges were similar to many companies in the telecommunications vertical like swivel chairing and a legacy tech stack.

Telecommunications is at the forefront of change with connectivity at the pulse of legislation. The demand to be nimble and able to drive growth regionally and nationally aligned with the strategy of a single source of truth across all departments, as well as a system that meets TQM standards and FCC requirements.

  • Reduce manual processes, spreadsheets, and multiple data sources?
  • Streamline processes and address scalability issues with their current build?
  • Easily continue to align with FCC Standards?
  • Drive adoption from their internal team?

The client previously implemented a highly customized and coded Standard Salesforce Revenue Cloud and CPQ. Unfortunately, it didn’t cater to their telecom industry needs.

  • Foundation:
    • System Configuration & DevOps Pipeline Setup
  • Lead Management:
    • Page Layout, Lead Creation, Lead Conversion, Lead Assignment, Lead Duplicates, Lead Campaigns
  • Contact Management:
    • Page Layout, Guided Contact Creation, Contact Address Automation, Contact Validation Rule, Account/Contact Relationship
  • Opportunity Management:
    • Opportunity Details, Opportunity Guidance for Success, Opportunity Lifecycle, Opportunity Naming (Standardize)
  • Account Management:
    • Guided Account Creation, Account Lifecycle, Tax Exempt Requirements, NISC Account Details, Account Hierarchy, Account Status, Enhancements
  • Quote Management:
    • ESM Enterprise Quote Enhancements, Manual or Automated Data Capture on Quote, Quote Pre-Sales Costing Process/Workflow, Quote Approvals (Internal), Costing Details (Quote, QM, Premise), Quote Customer Acceptance Journey, Address Validation & Serviceability
  • Contract Management:
    • Page Layout, Contract Details, Contract Lifecycle, Contract Dynamic Document Generation, Contract Redlining & Approval Process, Contract eSignature
  • Security:
    • Security Object Access, Security Record Access, Security Field Access, permission Sets and Permission Set Licenses

In less than 9 months, our client underwent a total Digital Transformation with Comms Cloud as the single source of truth; moving their MDU Sales team into Salesforce and retiring their spreadsheets. Comms Cloud will allow them to easily create accurate sales funnel reports, identify duplicate records, and track sales activity. 

Palladin Technologies implemented Communications Cloud, Industry CPQ, Sales Cloud, and Order Management. Their MDU Team no longer uses Excel spreadsheets and now has a 360 degree view of their customers all in one place. They have streamlined their processes and achieved a new level of transparency, allowing teams to collaborate with maximum efficiency. They now have the foundation to seamlessly implement FSL and meet industry requirements.

  • Prioritize data and security, making sure you understand the inventory within your systems, that you’re storing data securely, and that you have as much data as possible to make informed decisions.
  • Think about where your customers are going in the next 3 to 5 years and whether or not your existing architecture can meet those needs.
  • When implementing Salesforce, or enabling a new business process, create a clear plan to manage changes and promote user adoption.

“Palladin has been a great partner so far. We just launched our first phase of our Salesforce deployment and they have been helpful and adaptive to feedback.”