Comms Cloud Summer ’24 Release

Salesforce has just unveiled the much-anticipated Summer ‘24 upgrades for Comms Cloud, packed with exciting features to enhance your sales team’s efficiency. We want to take you through some of our favorite updates in the new release!

The latest release introduces a slew of features designed to enhance efficiency for your sales teams. Among these additions is the new grid view, complemented by the ability to view line items grouped by product name. This empowers representatives to make bulk in-line edits to both quote and order line items. Gone are the days of tediously editing each line item individually, especially when dealing with larger orders requiring modifications to multiple lines simultaneously. With the grid view, your team can seamlessly keep the system updated, significantly reducing the time spent on manual, one-by-one changes.

Industries CPQ made a step forward with the deleteCartsItems API, aimed at streamlining the process of making deletions. Now, representatives can swiftly delete all child items associated with a root item with just a single click. Upon completion of the deletion process, pricing rules are automatically applied to the updated cart, ensuring accuracy. Furthermore, users now have the freedom to delete items without the prerequisite of removing any associated promotions first. As a product is removed, applied promotions are evaluated against the remaining items for eligibility and subsequently kept or removed.

It wouldn’t be a Salesforce release without some products and features being renamed so let’s review those!

  • Billing Inquiry (Pilot) ➡️ Billing and Usage Inquiry (Pilot)
  • Bill Inquiry Assistant (Pilot) ➡️ Billing and Usage Assistant (Pilot)
  • OmniStudio DataRaptor ➡️ Omnistudio Data Mapper

Nicole Parrish is a distinguished Salesforce Architect with 8 years of experience, including 6 years in consulting. She currently holds 14 certifications, such as Certified Application Architect. At Palladin Technologies, Nicole serves as a Pre-Sales Solution Architect, effectively connecting Sales and Delivery to ensure precise project scoping and risk reduction through well-crafted Statements of Work (SOWs). A dynamic and agile expert, Nicole is passionate about leveraging the Salesforce platform to boost productivity, efficiency, and operational excellence. She adeptly manages time, projects, and relationships to deliver proven results with a human-centric approach to technology. Her certifications include Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant, Service Cloud Consultant, Non-Profit Cloud Consultant, Education Cloud Consultant, Advanced Administrator, and Administrator, Data Cloud showcasing her extensive expertise and commitment to the Salesforce ecosystem.