Palladin Technologies Welcomes Josephine Bernson

ATLANTA, GA (September 8, 2023) – Palladin Technologies proudly announces the arrival of a true industry leader, Josephine Bernson, as the new Senior Vice President and General Manager of Communications Industry and Marketing. Bernson, known for her transformative leadership, will lead Go To Market for Palladin’s rapidly growing and scaling Communications Cloud presence in the ecosystem.

Josephine has an intuitive ability to create and lead high-impact teams and has been the driving force behind remarkable growth stories in the tech industry, powered by the fusion of strategy, people, and execution. Under her leadership, companies don’t just meet targets; they soar past them. According to Palladin Founder & CEO, Brandon Ward, “Josephine’s history of performance in rapidly scaling, high-growth organizations is a great complement to Palladin and our 4-year, 77%+ compound annual growth rate (CAGR)”.

But Josephine’s reach is broader than immediate, tactical gains. She has an eye for the future, identifying acquisition opportunities and carefully selecting ventures that align with the long-term strategic vision. This has enabled previous companies to survive and thrive in highly competitive markets.

In her new role, Josephine will devise & implement growth and marketing strategies to ensure Palladin Technologies’ continued market leadership position. “Josephine’s instinct for leadership and strategy perfectly matches our ambitious future. She has a remarkable knack for turning vision into reality,” says Brandon Ward. “Her expertise will be instrumental as we continue to expand and innovate in the communications sector”.

Palladin Technologies, a Crest Salesforce partner founded in 2015, specializes in Salesforce Implementation, Managed Services, and Turnkey Business Process Outsourcing Services. Boasting a rapidly growing team of 40 full-time members with over 180 Salesforce certifications, the company has its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, but serves clients worldwide through its global locations.

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  1. Roddy Broadnax

    Having worked with Josephine in the past … You could not have brought on a better and focused Leader.! This is a great role and industry move as she brings in the Sales to Salesforce ideas and processes.
    CRM products without a real interaction will never help the true “Relationship Sellers” but a blend of both will work wonders- Josephine has managed and lead in both arenas.
    I look forward to seeing the bright future for you both — and come join our State Chamber in South Carolina as we are Booming!

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