Salesforce Admin Takes on the Winter ’24 Release

The Winter ’24 released rolled out to sandboxes on August 25th. For busy admins, here are three key “takes” for you to consider during the release window. 

Take Action!

General Enhancements

Release Updates

  • Retirement of Platform API Versions 21.0 Through 30.0 APIs impacted are Bulk API, SOAP API and Rest API. These API versions are already deprecated and scheduled for retirement in Summer ’25 release. See this help article for details. Common places impacted include:
    • Data Loader
    • Web Services Connector
    • Ajax Toolkit
    • Connected Apps
  • Check out the full list of Release Updates that are scheduled to be enforced or auto-enabled in this release, as well as those scheduled for enforcement in Spring ’24 release. Enforced updates include:
    • Deploy Enhanced Domains
    • Disable Access to Session IDs in Flows
    • Make Paused Flow Interviews Resume in the Same Context
    • Require Sender Name and Email Address to Send Chatter Email Notifications

Take Note!

UI updates coming in this release:

  • October 13, 2023 will see the retirement of News, automated account fields and automated account logos features. Users will not longer be prompted with account name suggestions, and company logos will not be automatically added. The New component will be removed from all page layouts.
  • Improved color contract on buttons, checkboxes and some text elements (links, for example) and apply to all Lightning Experience pages and Lightning based custom components. In addition, Change Owner, Change Record Type and Inline Edit icons have a color change to make them easier to see.

Take it Further!

Dynamic Forms

If you have not started to transition to Dynamic Forms, now may be the right time to start exploring this option. With this release, Dynamic Forms are now supported on hundreds of LWC-enabled standard objects and on mobile devices. Dynamic forms reduce the number of page layouts you need to maintain, improve page performance and allow you to provide users with a better experience, such as rule-based visibility of fields and sections.


As Salesforce further enhances permission management via Permission Set Groups and Permission Sets, now is a great time to start reducing the number of Profiles in your org by migrating to Permission Set Groups and Permission Sets. The Winter ’24 release includes several new enhancements to help make the move easier than ever.

  • Use a custom report type “Permission Set Assignment” to build reports on permission set group and permission set assignments. Now you can easily see which users are assigned to a specific permission set or permission set group, or, alternatively, run the report to see all the permissions assigned to a specific user.
  • Improved visibility into which permissions are enabled in a Permission Set. A new single page view lets you see all enabled object, user and field permissions.
  • Improved configuration of object and field permissions with the addition of the Object API Name and Field API Name, so you can distinguish between objects and fields that share the same name or field label.

Quick Actions on Related Lists

Explore this time-saver for your users. Now, you can add Create and Update Quick Actions to related lists. This previously beta feature is now GA (generally available.) Users can perform mass updates on up to 100 related records at once. You can add the actions directly in Lightning App Builder to the Dynamic Related List – Single component, or update the related lists in classic page layout configuration then update the related list type to Enhanced List in Lightning App Builder. Either way, your users will be thrilled to update related records quickly and efficiently.

As a recognized Salesforce Managed Services Program Partner, Palladin Technologies is here to help guide your Salesforce Journey. We understand how busy Salesforce Admins truly are and how MSP services can be incredibly beneficial for organizations that use Salesforce as it can help streamline processes, optimize the platform, and ensure smooth operations . If you would like to discuss how we can help you manage your Salesforce org please contact us here.